Deadline March 18, 2016: Opportunities for Host Communities to provide input to the NRC

In November 2015 the Nuclear Regulatory Commission initiated a rulemaking process. The National Association for Development Organizations has created guidelines and templates to make it easy for host communities to weigh in. Based on initial input the original January deadline for comments was extended to March 18, 2016. This NADO Webinar featuring INHC’s Jen Stromsten offers more information on why rulemaking matters.

Deadline June 15, 2016: Invitation for Public Comment by the Department of Energy on Consent-Based Siting of Spent Fuel

In December 2015 the Department of Energy restarted a process that has been dormant for several years. This is a renewed attempt to resolve storage and transport issues that have led to spent fuel remaining at nuclear power plant sites for decades, contrary to the expectations of operators and communities alike. Please visit the DOE link above to find out how to submit comments, or participate in the public meetings being held across the country.

Expanding Economic Development Tools and Policy for Assisting Host Communities

INHC engages with state and U.S. legislators, state and federal regulators, as well as various advocacy and industry groups. Thus far, our goal has been to improving understanding of the unique challenges faced by nuclear host communities in preparing for plant closure and mitigating its social and economic losses. As a direct result of our research and advocacy, the annual appropriations bills for the US Economic Development Administration has directed the agency to support efforts to address the socioeconomic impacts of plant closure. The pertinent text, “Job Losses from Nuclear Power Plant Closure,” can be found of page 14 of the most recent bill.

We have focused on building awareness and identifying pathways to resources that can help communities improve post-closure outcomes. This includes both policy support and financial resources needed to plan and act.

A key element of INHC’s policy work has been identifying best practices from nuclear closures here and abroad, but also from other similar occurrences such as coal plant closures and from the Department of Defense’s Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) program.